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About Conrad van Heyningen

Conrad van Heyningen started his career in Optics as a young 18-year-old matriculant. He became an Optical Apprentice for the late George Atkinson. There he skillfully handmade all glasses to accurately produce the prescribed prescription. Conrad van Heyningen possesses the rare skill and knowledge of Specialist Spectacles such as Franklin Bifocals. He produced the fashionable Three-Piece rimless spectacles in excellence, hand drilling each lens to fit the titanium mounting of any frame.

His experience in transferring lenses, doing repairs, changing lens shapes, and making extra ordinary spectacles supersedes most.

He went on to qualify as an Optometrist, attaining his degree at Wits University. He currently has over 30 years’ experience as an Optical Technician and Optometrist. His passion in his profession lies in making quality glasses.

When he does a refraction (Eye Test), he thoroughly examines your eyes to determine that they are physically healthy with no untoward pathology. He patiently cross checks his findings against your responses to ensure an accurate prescription. These tests usually last 45 minutes, leaving one with a sense of thorough care and genuine concern.

Conrad van Heyningen
Conrad van Heyningen

Conrad chooses the range of frames in the display area himself. With his background in making glasses, he looks for quality, light weight frames that are comfortable to wear, functional as well as fashionable.

Although there is an Optical Laboratory on the premises, most of the lenses are ordered from overseas. The reason for this is that the quality of the coatings done overseas supersedes most of the locally coated lenses. And since quality is a priority to us – we prefer to keep you waiting a few days, but deliver a pair of Spectacles that you will be satisfied with until your next refraction is necessary.

Having said this however – we are able to do emergency transfers and supply uncoated lenses in most prescriptions. For single vision lenses this can be done the same day. If your Bifocal or Multifocal lens has broken and we have the blanks in stock, then we will do our best to help you the same day.

We can do repairs on most metal frames, except if they are titanium. Soldering back a broken nose bridge or replacing a nose pad or temple ends is usually possible while you wait.

If you are interested in Contact Lenses, please mention this when booking your eye test. The refraction takes a bit longer and you will need to come back for check-ups after wearing the lenses for a few hours on the same day. Although we do not stock all the different Contact Lens brands and prescriptions on the premises – the relevant companies supply us with excellent service, and the couriers deliver daily if stock is available.

You are welcome to have your drivers screening done at our practice, and your flight medical, for your pilot’s license.

If you are an avid hunter or archer, we can fit your scope with your necessary lens as well.

Our practice is contracted to most of the medical aids. See a full list on the Services page. If, however, your medical aid is not listed – please phone Marinda and give her your medical aids name, number, and your ID number - she would gladly do enquiries on your behalf and get back to you.

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